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‘Encourage ‘Store Collection’ and ensure shop assistants capitalise on opportunities’ says Text My Deal

Shop Assistants set to drive CRM – writes Paul Hellings.

A recent article in The Guardian written by Paul Hellings of Arqiva stated that retail shop assistants are going to have to become more ‘tech savvy’ to engage with customers who have become accustomed to buy products in a digital environment.
In our experience we have found that customers are now comfortable buying from well-known high street brands on line, but these same retailers still have the overhead of all their stores. One solution is to sell on line then get customers to collect from stores and it is while they are in the store that the shop assistants must capitalise on the opportunity.
TMD provides retailers with a lo-tech solution that does exactly this. We provide a platform that enables retailers to offer loyalty programmes, special discounts and store announcements via SMS text messaging, a medium with virtually 100% guaranteed read rates.
So where as all the other hi-tech solutions require significant investment on the part of the retailer, as well as the need for the customer to not only download apps but make sure they have their phone on and audible when they enter the shop, TMD can communicate with every mobile phone ever made since the creation of dawn. It is extremely cost effective and easy to control and can be set up in minutes.
Simple encouragement from the sales assistant requesting that the customer does no more than enter their mobile number onto a dedicated tablet style device enables the creation of a customer data base that can be used to remarket products, services and discounts.
This opinion is echoed by Paul Lee, head of research for technology, media and telecommunications at Deloitte who said “The new adopters of smartphones use them mostly for text messaging,” One in three smartphone owners is uninterested in apps according to a report by Deloitte.with the average number of apps downloaded per user declining considerably over the past year.
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