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Your own branded tablet

Text My Deal offers you a stylish and easy to use tablet, connected to your wireless network. No other on site hardware is required. Located in a prominent display area, or at the point of sale, simply invite your customers to enter their mobile number to receive promotions and special offers, or to join your loyalty programme

Branded with your own logo and screen message, the moment the customer enters their number into the tablet they receive a confirmation text, possibly with a discount voucher or promotional offer for their next visit.

The tablet does not have to be mounted on a counter, it could be passed around. For example, in a restaurant when the bill is presented, diners will be encouraged to submit their mobile number while payment is being taken, so they may  receive a discounted voucher for their next visit. Likewise in a queue at a nightclub or sports venue, as patrons wait to enter the premises the tablet can be handed to people waiting in line.

Once you have your customer’s mobile number, using our software and a simple web browser on any device with Internet access, you can schedule and send regular, specific text messages. You can invite people to events and offer loyalty rewards. Possibly even incentivise loyal customers with fast track, queue busting vouchers