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What better way of interacting with your clients than inviting them to text you? Using short codes in your marketing programme, with your own chosen ‘KEYWORD’ Text My Deal allows you to do exactly that.

•    Rapidly build your data base
•    Gain valuable feedback on the service you have provided
•    Run instant competitions
•    Capture customer information
•    Use as a voting tool
•    Interact with your customers as never before

Short code messaging is quick, convenient and in situations where you have heavy footfall, you can easily capture data from all your customers.

So how does it work? –  Think of a ‘KEYWORD’ that is appropriate to your business; it could be your company name, a product or service that you supply. Then using a 5 digit, easy to remember number, your customers are asked to text your ‘KEYWORD’ followed by any additional information you require. That message can then be instantly viewed in your Text My Deal account.

Depending on their use, a Keyword can form part of a real time communication experience with your customers, allowing you to interact with them as never before. There are many ways a ‘KEYWORD’ can be promoted. For example, your marketing material, your till receipts, or even your web site could suggest ‘text OFFER to 60163 to get our special deal’.


The ‘KEYWORD’ feature will allow you to be creative in ways that you have only ever imagined. Seek instant feedback by asking customers to text ‘Happy’ (example) to 60163, followed by a comment, or perhaps a score from 1 – 10.  Alternatively you could run competitions asking for an answer and rewarding correct entries. Simply ask customers to text ‘KEYWORD followed by the answer A, B or C (example) to 60163’.

However you choose to use Keywords, the responding customer numbers are automatically added to your database, so you can market to them directly in the future.


Keywords are available on a first come, first served basis starting from as little as £6* a week.

Don’t let your chosen Keyword get taken by a competitor.

Find out today if it is available and how quickly you can start using it.

*There is a small, one off setup fee associated with adding this feature to your account

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